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No One Wants to Read Your Newsletter: Expert Email Marketing Tips

No One Wants to Read Your Newsletter: Expert Email Marketing Tips


No one wants to read your newsletter.

They don’t care about your news.

They don’t even care about you or your business.

The only thing they care about is themselves.

More specifically:

  • The problems they are trying to solve
  • The desired outcome they are trying to reach

This is the key tenet of one of the most popular self-help books ever: How To Win Friends And Influence People.

Now, the point of this post is not to go into the importance of building an email list, which has been covered by just about every online marketer ever.

We will be focusing on how we can improve your current conversion rate on your blog or website from the measly 0.5% you are experiencing with your current offer of a “newsletter” to the 5-10 or even 20% you could experience with the alternatives provided below.

Readership’s Desired Outcome/ Problem

Before we begin, we MUST be crystal clear about our readership’s problem or desired outcome.

It is only then that we can start thinking about the single thing that will take our readership on the next step of their journey to solving their biggest problem and reaching their desired outcome.

This big problem or desired outcome should be your core product offering.

By truly understanding this, you can then reverse engineer your lead magnet to take them JUST one step of the way.

This will do two things in the mind of your reader:

  1. It builds trust in your business, crucial if you want to make a sale in the future.
  2. It builds the belief in them that they can solve the problem or achieve the result.

It is then our responsibility to deliver that piece of information to our readership in the form of a lead magnet, in exchange for their email address AND most importantly, the permission to follow up with them in the future.

6 Tools to Take Your Readers’ to The Next Level

  1. Survey/Calculator

Is there are simple calculation or conclusion you can make about each reader after collecting some simple information?

If so, tools such as TypeformSurvey Monkey and Zapier can be used to automate this process.

For a marketplace we are currently building: Virtual Valley (connecting Entrepreneurs and Awesome Virtual Assistants), through extensive customer research we determined that one of the biggest questions in our readers’ head might be:

“I wonder how much money I could save through outsourcing?”

Thus, we decided to answer this by building a simple, automated calculator with Typeform and Zapier (Here is a step by step video guide on how we did it.)


  1. Case Study

Have you produced outstanding results or solved a BIG problem that your readership is also looking to solve?

By allowing your readers to access and consume a case study you are providing valuable information on how you were able to achieve a specific thing for a client but also helping them believe that they can also achieve this also.

Social Ad Power, do this fantastically well with a Facebook Advertising Case Study here.


  1. Resource List

I’m not sure if anyone knows why List Posts are often the most popular types of blog post.

For some reason it seems like we enjoy lists, which is why this type of content makes a high converting lead magnet.

So they question is: what is the list of resources your readership REALLY needs to be able to solve their problem or reach their desired outcome?

Leadpages explain how they made their highest converting lead magnet here (Hint: it is a resource list).


  1. Price List

Is your price list displayed prevalently on your site?

If yes, then maybe it is worth putting this behind a content gate.

If no, then it is definitely time to create one and offer this as a lead magnet.

As not only are you providing information that helps your customer get closer to solving their problem or desired outcome, but you are pre-qualifying the lead for you product/service. So when you follow up at a later date, you know they have a level of purchase interest.


  1. Software Download

Do you have or are you able to build software that will help your readership (yep, you guessed it), take the next step to solving their problem or to reach their desired outcome?

This may be particularly suited to the Software As A Service business models such as BufferSpotify and Planscope but is also being increasingly seen in non-software based business.


  1. Discount/Free Shipping/Exclusive Deals

Once you are aware of the lifetime value of an email subscriber you are able to determine how much you are will to pay to obtain one.

For most E-commerce businesses it remains possible to offer a small discount or free shipping to their readership, just like Protein World.

In Conclusion

So now you are aware of whom you reader is, the problem that they are trying to solve or outcome they desire AND have 6 ideas for how to take them to the next level, all in exchange for the email address and permission to market to them again in the future.

Sweet, right?

Once you have crafted your ideal lead magnet, you need to persuade as many of your visitors as possible to take that next step with you, and this post explains the mechanisms to do so.

I’m feeling generous, so if you are unsure of how you can utilize the above on your blog or website just pop a link to your site in the comments below and I will personally visit each one to provide input on which of the 6 lead magnet options would be best utilized AND what the content could be.

Article written by Tom Hunt


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