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Top 5 Social Media Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business

Top 5 Social Media Marketing Tips to Grow Your Business


Best 5 social media marketing tips to grow your business

It is often said that the attention span of the human mind on the internet is short as that of a goldfish and only the content that is worthy of remembrance will be worthy of the honor. Good Monster, a web design agency, is not the only one to insist on the importance of social media marketing. Irrespective of the platform you

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choose, social media marketing is a necessary investment and is indeed an important method to reach out to both your loyal and potential customers.

  1. Create and develop a strategic plan:

The business plan for any company must include an investment for online marketing and social media is one of the pillars of marketing on the internet. The world of social media is one that is always in flux and requires a constant source of reinvention. Any content that is not unique will definitely be lost in the midst of the content that is generated every second on the internet. Only the data or information that is truly original will stick it out. Your competitors have similar services as you do but try to point out what makes you different and harp on that, making that the USP in the initial phases. Later, focus on how your idea or service is better. Have a clear outline of how you will proceed with marketing your idea before you begin.

  1. Social media promotions:

Facebook has grown with the times and has started charging for improving the reach of each post you make but this doesn’t necessarily have to mean a poor investment if you consider how each shared post on social media has a domino effect. Everything that is once online forever remains online and this is just one of the ways you can ensure that your idea/product remains fresh in the minds of those who peruse your webpage. Twitter, Google plus and now, even Instagram are becoming popular advertising mediums if one can gauge the reactions of their audiences properly. Doing away with these major media of advertisement will only mean doom for your business because everyone is currently online and using this platform and its untapped potential like never before.

  1. Build your brand:

Marketing online not just enables you to reach an audience that you weren’t even aware existed but also helps you to create a brand image. Use this platform to interact with your customers and let them know that you are working on their suggestions and acknowledge their comments. This breaks down the communication gap and builds the name of your brand in a positive light. Anything that goes viral online can stay immortal only if it boasts of actual substance. If your product or idea can do the same, it would garner more positive reviews for you than from any other platform.

  1. Drive traffic to your company’s website:

Social media is an appropriate avenue to market your idea and introduce it to a group of people who might be interested in the same. At the same time, it is a method to increase the click rates on your website. Those who do visit your website will be generating traffic and improve your SEO rankings. Simultaneously, if they do convert their click into being a customer, then it benefits your company in a more tangible way.

  1. Focus content and social library:

Chose the medium that best represents you on the internet and use that for majority of your advertisements. It could range from GIFs to JPG images and even videos. Depending upon the social media platform you chose, the mode in which you dispense information will also change. For instance, the audience on twitter responds better to images whereas Facebook appreciates video content more.


Author Bio: Sunny Popali is an everyday learner and editor, working at Good Monster, a web design agency. He is passionate about helping online businesses to achieve their goals with cost-effective SEO & Digital Marketing services. He believes that you should keep conversion rates in mind.

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