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Sweet (Potato) Influence: What Does it Really Take to Become a Social Influencer?

Sweet (Potato) Influence: What Does it Really Take to Become a Social Influencer?


The life of a social influencer seems glamorous from the outside.  Write some cool social media posts, star in your own videos, travel the world, become famous, live the life of your dreams.  Recently we have heard from social media influencer celebs such as Essena O’Neill  who gave up her online persona altogether, that the social influencer “dream life” isn’t what it’s cracked up to be.  She illuminated the truth of what being a social media influencer means; it is a career, a job where one has to do actual work, sometimes a lot more work and a lot harder work than what appears in pretty photos on Instagram.  It means sacrificing a stable home life (depending on your job offers) for a life of travel and perhaps times of loneliness.

In other words, you must work for the money and fame.

That said, I have recently written a few articles on the basic steps it takes to become a social media influencer, for those who know both upsides and downsides and want more than anything to pursue this incredible career.  Do not be mistaken; if approached with the right understanding, knowledge, perspective, lightheartedness, determination and dedication, becoming a social media influencer (aka influencer or influence marketer), can absolutely become the job of your dreams and lead you to the life you have always dreamed.

So now to the cool stuff.

While there is absolutely a formula you can follow to rise to social media influencer stardom, sometimes all it takes is just one absurdly hilarious video that goes viral.  No one can tell what will go viral and what won’t.  It appears that people end up building YouTube/ Facebook/ Vine/ Instagram accounts and social media personas in the hopes that just one of their videos will go viral.

That happened for one very talented, lucky gentleman this week.  Entertainer, singer/ songwriter James Wright has been building his social influence on YouTube and Facebook for quite a while, posting different zany pictures and videos and building a base following.  But it wasn’t until this past week when he bought five Patti LaBelle sweet potato pies from WalMart and posted an insanely hilarious video on YouTube and Facebook, reviewing the pies, that his fan base and influence skyrocketed.  Check it out:

Could Mr. Wright’s influence have been built instantaneously, out of nowhere, when his video went viral?  Perhaps.  Consider that he would likely not have posted this video if he did not already have the goal in mind of building his personal brand and fan base on social media.

The moral of this story?  Following a set formula to build social influence is grand, and can keep the most unorganized of us on track, working towards a lofty yet achievable goal.  While working towards your goal, allow for fun, creating content that is outside of your expertise, and consider that the most unexpected piece of social media may just be the one that skyrockets you to superstardom.

Oh, and that piece of content most definitely will be in video form.

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