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Social Media: Know Your Role

Social Media: Know Your Role


With so many platforms out there to help support your blog, and social reputation many make the mistake of blasting the same content across all platforms. If we start thinking of our social platforms as individual employees in our big bad boss of a blog business, we start to understand that each has it’s own unique role and purpose in the social mix and helps us optimize how we use each platform to the max. Here is a run down of a few social platforms along with some guidance on how best to leverage them.


Gone are the days of Pages, and in are the days of Groups! A fantastic opportunity to build a community, control the conversation and set the tone. Make it a closed group, this will allow you to show up in searches (extra tip: when tagging another similar group you will pop up when users search for them too!). It is a great social listening space as well to gain insight and inspiration on other ways you can monetize your social presence, such as eBook topics.


Twitter allows you to act fast, forces you to be straight to the point and enables you to connect directly with your followers (and beyond!) in a way no other platform can. Twitter is there for you when you need to handle a crisis quickly and facilitates your relevancy to the world by allowing you join in on the conversation in real time or start a conversation of your own! A good rule of thumb here is to post 70% of other’s content and 30% your own. Using images and quotes are go-to for appeal and re-tweets.


In this space you are able to express yourself with motion and sound and take advantage of your own voice and tone. Need to convey a strong, emotional message? Nothing will capture it better than in this space. Want to share an experience? What better way than to allow users a view into your world than through video! This is a space to get socially intimate with your audience, allowing them to see and hear what you are all about!


Take the video thing to the next level: Real-time! Periscope is awesome to share experiences as they happen, and also connect with your audience live. Q+A sessions, event promotions, and live demonstrations work amazing in this space, in a way no other platform can. Just because it is meant to be live, doesn’t mean it doesn’t require planning ahead. Create an outline a head of time so your confidence is boosted and there less room for error.


Here is a visual identity of who you are. It is an incredible opportunity to set up your image, and brand. Using consistent filters, and hashtag you are able to put yourself on the map in this space and create iconic branding. This is your space to create recognition so post with purpose ensuring that it’s all relevant to your brand. Remember, you are only as good as your last 9 Insta posts.


A great opportunity to sell your products, and visually show off your interests. Pinning 50-100 images a day (80% repins and 20% your own content) will help in developing your recognition, and credibility. Pinterest has evolved to more than recipe sharing and have great new features that help support the growth of  your social brand. (Tip: clean up your boards, and delete the pins that have no re-pins – you will show up more on the public feed)

There is one rule of thumb that stays consistent across all platforms: Drive everything back to your blog! Mention your blogs in the videos and include links wherever you can. Think of your blog as the atom, the center of it all, the sun, or whatever helps you recognize that in the end, if you are a blogger, its all about your blog!

According to The Nectar Collective, below are some suggested number of posts per platform:

Pinterest: 50-100/day (evenings work best)

Instagram: 1-2/day (one in the morning, one in the evening)

Facebook: 2-3 times/day (morning and mid afternoon)

Twitter: 5-15/day (throughout the day)

Sounds crazy right? Luckily, there are many support systems such as Hootsuite, Buffer and Co Schedule that will help you out so you can focus on the fun stuff!

So, now that you understand your team of social network employees, I encourage you to take a look at how you are utilizing each of these platform and see if and how there is room to optimize your approach and get the most out of them all.

Melissa Cosentini Emerging artist who aims to inspire others to live a life dedicated to their passions while sharing in her own journey.