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{Infographic} Surprising Social Media Facts

{Infographic} Surprising Social Media Facts


Have you ever noticed that no matter how much you learn about social media, there is always new and useful information still to learn? As we’ve all watched the social media big 4 (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest) grow and evolve over the years, we are constantly finding out new information about how people use these networks, and how brands and companies can most benefit from those behaviors.

That’s definitely true in the infographic below. Here are some of our favorite takeaways from “10 Surprising Social Media Facts:”

– Most people (53%) expect a brand to reply to a Tweet within 1 hour.
– 10 to 11 pm is the best time to get retweets on Twitter.
– The best day for engaging your community on Facebook is on Fridays.

Now check out the infographic and let us know your favorites.

10 Surprising Social Media Facts

{source: MainStreetHost.com}

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