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Happening Hashtags: How to Improve Your Hashtag Game for an Instagram Page That Sells

Happening Hashtags: How to Improve Your Hashtag Game for an Instagram Page That Sells


You may have started your Instagram profile for fun back in the day.  Scratch that – perhaps someone gave you the wise business advice that an Instagram page could boost sales, but you had no idea how to use Instagram for your brand, so you used it for fun at first.  Most of us did.  Then you got real about your personal brand, your small business, and your stake in social media influencing.  Eventually you reached a fork in the road and you had to decide: Instagram strictly for business, or strictly for personal.  Naturally your brand is you, but not everything you do in life needs to be seen by your followers or supports your brand’s image, so it was time to clean up the photos and build a solid profile.

This included a hashtag strategy….or did it?

Hashtags have been around for eons and have a unique history.  Their importance in social media cannot be understated, and yet many people still have no idea what they are, how to use them, or which ones to use in order to grow an audience.  Below are tips on utilizing the most relevant, current, “happening” hashtags to boost visibility for your Instagram posts, increase your audience, and ultimately bring you more sales – whether that’s directly from customers for a product you sell, or from sponsored brand posts.

How to Improve Your Hashtag Game

Hashtags can range from general to specific, and everything in between.  The reason IMG_4288people use hashtags on Instagram is not to look cool.  Hashtags are like a secret code language that help the platform share posts to other users.  They are a great way to help you grow your audience organically, because you can reach people who would otherwise have no idea you exist.

Instagram even helps out with this.  When in the search bar, at the top there is a section called “TRENDING”, which refers to currently trending hashtags.  Today I checked out what was trending and I noticed a hashtag #headstandm.. which I simply had to explore.

IMG_4289Sure enough, it was all about headstands: #headstandmadness2016.  

Any and all posts that include this hashtag show up here.  Anyone who is doing a headstand and wishes to be found, can be if they include this hashtag in their post.

Top Tips:

  • Use specific, rather than broad, hashtags
  • Research trending hashtags
  • Use hashtags related to your brand
  • Less is more – no need to use all 30 hashtags in 1 post
  • Use “top hashtags” lists
  • Hashtags vary by category
  • They change as frequently as weekly, if not daily – stay relevant!

Happening Hashtags: Which #’s to Use

Per above, the hashtags you use may not be the same hashtags that I use.  It all depends on your niche, your brand, the day of the week, and so many other factors.  Still, I’ve included a few trending hashtags and ideas below, c/o Latergramme.

Top Everything Hashtags

  • #liveauthentic #thatsdarling #livethelittlethings #nothingisordinary #thehappynow #welltravelled

Top Fashion Hashtags

  • #instastyle #todayimwearing #fashion #style #styleiswhat #streetstyle #fashiondaily #fashionaddict #mensfashion #mensstyle

Top Lifestyle Hashtags

  • #morningslikethese #mytinyatlas #calledtobecreative #livecolorfully #darlingmovement #pursuepretty

Top Fitness Hashtags

  • #thesweatlife #justdoit #motivation #trainhard #noexcuses #youcandoit #getstrong #girlswholift #nopainnogain #fitspiration

Top Food Hashtags

  • #eatclean #buzzfeast #instafeast #realsimple #foodporn #eeeeeats #onmytable #tastemade #forkyeah #dailycortado

Top Adventure/ Nature Hashtags

  • #openmyworld #explorewildly #finditliveit #campvibes #exploremore #bestvacations #natgeo #travelstoke #wonderful_places

Top Blogger Hashtags

  • #fbloggers #fashionblogger #styleblogger #ontheblog #linkinprofile #lifestyleblog #lifestyleblogger #diyblog #bloggerstyle

For more “Top Hashtags” lists, visit: the Latergramme blog.

And with that, have a #darlingweekend, full of #beautifulcuisines.

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