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5 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Skills in 2016

5 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Skills in 2016


You have been building your social media profile for years, and it’s nearly perfect – or is it?  We all know those people who sit on their Facebook page day in and day out, posting pointless selfies of fish-faced camera kisses, changing their profile photos nearly once a week.  While this can be fun, it does not a social media strategy make.

You do not need to completely revamp your social media strategy in 2016, but it is worth considering some tweaks and advancements to bolster reach and gain an edge over your peers.  Here is a list of some ideas to give your social media a quick tune-up.

5 Tips to Improve Your Social Media Skills

  1. Images win

Do you have your image game on lock?  Each and every post should include an image that is high-quality, well suited for the content, and compelling to share.  If you are like me and most people, half of the time you click on a post because you like the image and don’t even bother to read all of what it says.  Utilize free (or paid) image sourcing platforms to be sure you are not breaking any copywriting laws.

2. Organic is fading

Gone are the days that you can write an awesome blog post, promote it organically on your social media channels, and expect hundreds of thousands of readers to flock to read it.  In fact, organic reach on Facebook fell from 50% to 2% in 2013, where brands and marketers entered the “Facebook zero” zone.  This is the phenomenon that, unless you do paid promotion, your content will result in reach and engagement of zero.

Whatever the reason, the statistics are real, and we must find alternative methods.


  • Networking for promotion
  • Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest groups for promotional efforts
  • Paid promotions on posts


3. Get colorful!

Did you know that colored visuals increase a person’s willingness to read content by 80%?  Take that in and eat it up.  Use this stat to your advantage and start using a lot more color in your visuals – not to mention visuals – in your content.

4. Infographics abound

Considering the impact of images and color in social, an infographic is the trifecta.  It’s like a blog post, but in visual format, with fun colors, images and text.  Infographics take a great deal of research, work, and execution to put together, but once created they can generate shares worthy of your time.

5. Video is the future

If you are not yet using video content of some form in your social media, it’s time to get on that.  Whether you open a Periscope profile and begin livestreaming, integrating new YouTube videos into your blog, adding short video clips to Instagram, or hopping on Vine or Snapchat, video will catapult you into the “now” of social media.

Why?  Let’s take a look at some staggering stats from Hubspot:

  • Mobile video plays are up 844% since 2012
  • Just using the word “video” in your content like a newsletter will increase the email open rate by 65%
  • In a 6 month period in 2015 video content on FB went from 4 billion to 8 billion posts per day
  • It’s predicted that all internet traffic by 2017 will be video

What tools will you integrate into your social media skills toolbox this year?  Let us know which tips help!  Comment below or write to us!  social@hireinfluence.com


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