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10 Tips for Running a Successful Branding Campaign on Twitter

10 Tips for Running a Successful Branding Campaign on Twitter


How do take a 140-character platform and turn it into a branding machine for your business? It’s not easy, but it is definitely doable! Follow these tips below and you’ll be on your way.

  1. Follow Branding Magazine on Twitter for useful tips and case studies.
  2. Don’t use more than 2 or 3 relevant hashtags per tweet. And don’t hijack popular, widely-used hashtags that are specific to a certain brand or group. Try to piggyback on that popularity will only backfire.
  3. Brainstorm, research, plan and implement focused campaigns. The more time you spend in designing a campaign, the more likely it is to be successful.
  4. Create and use hashtags in a campaign – as the white house did with overwhelming engagement when they tweeted “What does #40dollars mean to you?”. Make sure your hashtag is relevant and catchy. A boring hashtag will fail to generate any of the results you’re after. Check out our #Hashtag How-To Guide for more tips.
  5. Cross-promote your Twitter campaigns simultaneously over Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram for maximum reach.  Also mention it on your website, blog, and in a newsletter to your subscriber list.
  6. Pay attention to what works and keep a keen eye on big brands and the competition.  Take notes from successful Twitter branding campaigns, noting what works and what flops, and then implement whatever you’ve learned in your own campaign.
  7. Posting within 140 character limits can be challenging, but the shorter you keep your tweet, the better. You should always try to leave room for retweets and replies. Several studies have shown that tweets with less than 100 characters have as much as a 20% higher retweet rate.
  8. Give your followers 100% of your focus.  A great example of this being done successfully by a major brand is the Starbucks Frappuccino sipface campaign. The company asked their audience to share their own photos of them enjoying a Frappuccino and then added those photos to a cool photo wall on the Starbucks website.
  9. Search these hashtags (separately and together) for instant news relevant to Twitter trends and potential brand strategies:  #twitter, #stats, #infographics #socialmedia #smm. Also, make sure you’re following fellow Twitter users that have their finger on the pulse of social media and branding so that you can always be in the loop.
  10. Strive for originality. Let’s take a look at Ben & Jerry’s for inspiration. Their #FairTweets campaign was one of the most successful Twitter hashtag campaigns ever! The premise was simple: For every tweet under 140 characters, Ben & Jerry’s would use the remaining characters to promote fair trade. The fact that each #FairTweet post would be unique (and reader-generated) rapidly made this campaign go viral. Tying an innovative idea that focused more on doing good than self-promotion proved to be an absolute winner for the company. And it serves as great proof that social media branding success lies more in the social than the selling!
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