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Mother’s Day Digital Marketing Madness: What Marketers Need to Know in 2016

Mother’s Day Digital Marketing Madness: What Marketers Need to Know in 2016


Content marketers, bloggers, and influencers: do you ever feel like you’re just a few days behind on the US holiday marketing schedule?  Perhaps the following scenario sounds familiar to you, or you can relate.  You’re so busy doing what you do best – writing killer copy, slaying the social media scene, connecting with your followers, and spending time with your family and maybe even making time for the occasional yoga class or workout.  You have so much to do, in fact, that you don’t register the date, and don’t even realize that Mother’s Day (or St. Patrick’s Dat or Memorial Day or Martin Luther King Day or You Get My Point Day) is around the corner.  All of a sudden Mother’s Day is tomorrow (in our case it’s three days away), and you have not written a single piece of content related to the subject nor have you prepared related social media to send out.

Seems harmless enough.  It’s yet another Hallmark Holiday built around consumerism, and they come around nearly every month, if not bi-monthly.  Oh, but isn’t that the beauty of us marketers – access to the Hallmark card holiday industry that has turned consumers into zombified shoppers?  Another perspective on the industry is that our job as content marketers, bloggers, and influencers is to connect consumers with the very best products available on the marketplace, should they choose to procure gifts for their loved ones.

Guess what?  If you send your content out in time, it works.  Today I wanted to share with you statistics regarding Mother’s Day retail staggering, informational, enlightening.

Mother’s Day Madness: Stats

  • Mother’s Day spending has gone from $11.5B in 2005 to $21.2B in 2015
  • Mother’s Day is the 3rd largest retail holiday of the year
  • Consumers buy gifts on Mother’s Day for people other than their mom: godmothers, friends, grandmothers, sisters, daughters, other relatives, wives
  • Compared with the $21.2B spent last year on Mother’s Day, only $12.5B was spent on Father’s Day
  • Where does most of the spending go?  80% of consumers buy cards, 67% flowers, 44% gift cards, and so on
  • Shockingly, Mother’s Day beats out Valentine’s Day as the #1 holiday for floral sales

Why Should YOU Care?

You have the power to impact consumers’ buying decisions.  Mother’s Day, along with a slew of holidays, is the perfect opportunity to send out marketing, promotions, brand sponsored posts, and more.  If nothing else, these holidays offer phenomenal content inspiration (hint: how do you think I came up with this article?).  So, for the next holiday and the one after that, take the following steps:

  • Sign up for Weekly Sidekick, one of my favorite ways to be in the holiday loop.  You wouldn’t believe all of the holidays that exist, that you have never heard of.  All writers and journalists need to know that May 16th is Biographers Day, food bloggers should be aware that May 17th is Baking Day, and in fact all food bloggers will want to educate themselves that the month of May is a big foodie holiday month.
  • Prepare and pre-schedule your content a few weeks ahead.
  • Post at least two weeks before the holiday, and then re-post the same or recycled content a few days before the actual holiday.
  • Connect with brands you know of (or discover through research) who would benefit from promoting themselves during a particular holiday, and ask for sponsored business.  Do this 4 months ahead of time – at least.

Are you prepared to take on Mother’s Day Marketing Madness?  You should be!  Not only that, remember that Memorial Day and July 4th are just around the corner, as are National Hummus Day (May 15th), Drawing Day (May 16th), Golf Day (May 18th), Pizza Party Day (May 20th) and more!



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