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Secrets to a Successful, Fully Monetized Blog

Secrets to a Successful, Fully Monetized Blog


A quick search on Pinterest for blogging will turn up loads of adorably designed Pins related to articles about blogging, blog influence, and the true bottom line – how to monetize one’s blog.  In today’s article we will take a look at what it is that makes money for a blog, how you can set your blog up for total success, and how you can begin monetizing today.

Secrets to a Successful, Fully Monetized Blog

  1. Build a Solid Foundation

Brand, Image, Name, Design, content – build your blog like it is your dream, because it is.  If you treat your blog like it is just another side project that you have no time for, that’s how it will look and that is how people will treat it.  Instead, brand your blog.  Bling it up like it is a shiny new toy you want the world to see.  Coordinate design, style and logo with your blog’s mission, your tone, and niche topic.  Think long and hard about your personal brand name.  If a year or two passes and the name doesn’t fit, rebrand yourself.  There is always room for brand evolution.

  1. Set Goals

Setting goals spans everything from a content calendar to marketing strategy to advertising and budgeting. Set social media goals, and achieve them.  If you are just starting out you might want to set daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual goals.  As the weeks and months pass, revisit and reevaluate your goals based on how things are going.  Maybe you will benefit from some adjustments.

Remember to think big.  If you want to buy your dream house, how will you achieve that, and how many months will it take to get there with your blog?  Maybe you want to release a product down the line or expand your brand in another way.  The bigger you dream, the more likely you are to achieve your goals.

  1. Heart ‘n’ Soul, Baby

Blogging can be a hobby for some, but if you plan to make actual money from your blog, there is nothing like pouring your heart and soul into your passion project.  Treat your blog like it is your J-O-B, because it is.  Anything we do to make money is a an occupation, and we should behave all the ways we do at other jobs; work hard, stay consistent, write even when motivation is lacking.

Pour your life’s dreams into your blog posts.  If you write with a lot of passion, it is highly likely your blog has a good chance to succeed.

  1. Invest in Yourself

Any business worth working on is worth growing.  There are a few ways to grow a business; you can either pour hundreds of man hours into growing your business through hands-on social media, marketing, networking, collaborating, and so on, or you can reinvest money into marketing, advertising, design, and other aspects of your brand, or both.  Either way, you must re-invest in your business if you want it to flourish.

  1. Build Your Influence

The single best way to monetize your blog is by partnering with brands and get paid to share sponsored content with your readers.  In order for this to work and be profitable, you need a strong following.  Many bloggers grow their following traditionally, through their blog.  Others grow a lot of fans and followers via other social media platforms linked to the blog with cute little social icons.


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