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Using eBooks As a Revenue Stream

Using eBooks As a Revenue Stream


At this year’s Blog Elevated conference, Angela England shared her successes as a published author and provided some great insight for those considering publishing their work. Below are key takeaways valuable to those who are looking to explore eBooks as an additional revenue stream.

The Benefits

Not only are eBooks an opportunity for you to earn an additional revenue stream, and be rewarded for your writing, ideas and thoughts but it is also a great opportunity to build up your subscriber list (which lends a whole other bucket of value!). eBooks allow you to define who you are and what your blog is about while building a unique connection with your readers.

The Challenge

Distribution is a big one. Like most self-publishing, you are unable to leverage the distribution power of a publishing house. A lot of valuable time is required to go into writing and editing an eBook, so a solid distribution strategy is essential to ensure that it does not go to waste.

What to write about

A successful eBook is one to which adds value. This is your time to establish credibility in your field, so stick to what it is you know and what people already turn to you for. Be specific, but not too narrow to ensure your readers are getting what they are looking for, and a little extra. Some areas that have proven effectiveness:

  • Tech: helping others learn a new skill
  • Efficiency: helping others save time and money
  • Entertainment: giving others something to smile about

Take the time to really brainstorm a topic, and ask yourself along the way, “why is this interesting?” If you have a Facebook group, that is a great source to start gathering ideas of what interests your existing readers. What’s important is that you “own your perspective” whatever topic you decide to write about, write it based on who you are, i.e “eco-traveling from the view of a single mom.” It is your perspective that is going to make your eBook unique and appealing.

Getting started

Writers block can be an annoying obstacle so disciplining yourself with deadlines and dedication is key in order to see your eBook through. Angela suggests you make a point to write 1000 words a day and bring in professional editors and “Beta Readers” along the way to help guide your direction. Lastly, setting a final launch date will help motivate the end goal.

Are you ready for the challenge?

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