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Top 9 Marketing Blogs for Influencers

Top 9 Marketing Blogs for Influencers


Bloggers and influencers are expert content creators.  Most influencers are able to create a fair amount of uniquely inspired content, but over time, everyone is imprinted by external stimuli.  The things we see, read, hear, smell, and do inspire us all.  Just like a writer who perfects his or her skill by becoming a prolific reader, a blogger or social media influencer can improve through research, reading, and observation.

Today I am sharing the top marketing blogs that are must-reads for bloggers and influencers.  These blogs are meant to be a source of inspiration as well as a source of knowledge that will hopefully assist you in growing your influence.

Top Marketing Blogs for Influencers

The blogs mentioned here are top-notch blogs to add to your Pocket.  Some you have heard of, some are off the beaten track, but all provide a unique look into content and marketing.

1. Radius

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 11.32.20 AMMy favorite section of Radius’ blog is “Customer Insight Marketing”, because who do we learn more from about how to market than our customers?  Aside from blog posts they also offer the occasional webinar.

2. The Oktopost Blog

Aside from the adorable favicon, logo, and catchy name (branding anyone?), they have a very solid selection of social media marketing and marketing blog articles.  Their articles are task-driven can help you navigate many aspects of your social media and marketing strategy.

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3. A Better Lemonade Stand

Slightly different focus than the other blogs, A Better Lemonade Stand is geared towards e-commerce and start-ups; their tagline “The E-Commcerce Incubator”.  They give practical advice for online businesses, offer new ideas for building e-commerce companies, as well as marketing tips, tricks, and tools.

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4. Signal vs. Noise

This blog is terribly creative and visually inspiring.  I recommend reading this blog every once to gain a completely different take on content creation.  Signal vs. Noise is sort of like the hipster version of a marketing blog with articles like, “Is group chat making your sweat too?” and “Being tired isn’t a badge of honor”.

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 12.14.20 PM

5. Referral Candy

All about word of mouth, Referral Candy shares somewhat sensationally-charged marketing articles to assist influencers and brands in their marketing strategies and growth.  Articles like “How Soulcycle Became the Most Sought After Cardio Via Word-of-Mouth” are sure to get you thinking about how to spin your brand into the next big word-of-mouth name.

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6. Snarketing

If the title doesn’t say enough, Snarketing blog by Ron Shevlin integrates snide and snarky remarks into his articles, while welcoming the same type of comments.  All about marketing, Snarketing offers the other perspective – what marketers are doing “wrong”, things to change, and more.

7. Optimizely

As if we couldn’t guess by the name, Optimizely has branded themselves as “the #1 optimization platform in the world”.  Their blog offers a range of articles on how to market and optimize your own website and online brand.

8. Presentation Zen

Offering you a slightly different blog, Presentation Zen shares articles about “issues related to presentation and design”.  This blog is important because it teaches the art of presentation, which is crucial for every marketer and content creator.

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9. We Are Social 

Get all of your social marketing statistics and industry news via the We Are Social blog.  They produce their content in the format of case studies, visuals, slide shows, as well as articles.  With outstanding visuals and top-notch content, this blog is one you will likely not tire of anytime soon.

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10. BONUS Blog: Advowire

Of course, for the very best in content creation and influencer marketing, continue to follow the Advowire Blog – your single source for all things influence!

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