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Tips for Influencers to Connect with Brands

Tips for Influencers to Connect with Brands


You began blogging and posting images and videos on social media for the love of it.  Even if there was an intention of profit, you knew there had to be some passion and purpose in what you are doing, because working in social media – whatever the vertical – takes self-discipline, guts, hard work, and 24/7 commitment if you plan to be able to put food on the table for yourself and loved ones.  Either way, at the end of the day, a girl’s gotta eat (as do the guys).

How do you turn your passion into gold?

The best way is to connect with brands who share your vision and want to support you in mutual collaboration.  In other words, they love what you do so much that they want to hire you to deliver sponsored brand posts to your audience.  Below are a few tips to get you started on the path to influencer success.

Connecting with Brands

1.Set yourself apart

Aside from building a most spectacular personal brand – which you have done and continue to do – if you wish to catch and hold the attention of particular brands, set yourself apart from every other influencer in your niche vertical.  A couple of things to pay attention to:

  • Content – is your content unique and inspiring, or quite similar to others in your sphere of influence?
  • Image – does your personal image say “just another fashion blogger”, or “just another yogi influencer”, or does it jump out of the social platform into the hearts of people?
  • The WHY – What is the reason a brand would choose you?

2. Build the relationship

Search out brands whose products you would be proud to promote to fans.  Do what they would do – follow their social.  Engage with them by liking, commenting and engaging on posts.  After two to three weeks of building familiarity, reach out with a personal email.  Email someone at the company in press, media, or higher up regarding your desire to work with the brand.  If you land the job – or not – continue to build the relationship over time and see how it blossoms.

3. Remember you are the golden egg

Although currently there are many more influencers wanting work than brands seeking influencers for marketing campaigns, do not underestimate how challenging it is for brands to find you!  You are kind of like the golden egg, a hidden gem amongst a mountain of gems.  Poised and prepared for greatness, you can only fulfill your true potential once you are united with the perfect brand sponsorship.  Sometimes brands could use a little nudging, so do not hesitate to help them along, remembering your golden qualities all the while.

If you are golden and you meet our Elite Certification requirements, apply today to become an Elite Member of AdvoWire.  This highlights your profile with brands on our ever more popular influencer platform.

If you want to read about the other side of things – what brands are doing to try to get in touch with influencers, so you might reach them faster – read these articles on our HireInfluence Blog.

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