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Rock Your Influence: Surefire Tips to Grow Your Reach

Rock Your Influence: Surefire Tips to Grow Your Reach


There is nothing like living the life of an influencer.  Sure it is hard work at times, but you are your own boss, you get to choose your vertical and niche of focus, you have the opportunity to collaborate with interesting people and brands, and the extent of your income is in your own hands at the end of the day.

You are made the intelligent decision to become an influencer.  Now all it takes is effort in the right direction, and a few consistent, daily activities to help you grow your influence beyond your dreams.

Influence Expansion: The Basics

Expanding your influence is not rocket science.  Rather, it is all about patience and dedication, similar to planting seeds for a garden and waiting them to bloom in the springtime.  After planting the seeds you cannot expect your garden to explode the next week.  You will need to water the garden, nurture the soil, feed it properly, provide it with sunshine, and wait.  Building a social following is not too dissimilar.  The following basic tips are meant to help you build a solid groundwork from which your influence can explode.

Side Note: You are probably already consciously, or unconsciously doing many of these things.  It is worth evaluating and critiquing your style and ensuring that these basics are indeed in place.

  • Be Authentic

Have you ever noticed that people are drawn to those who are comfortable with themselves, those who seem completely ok in their own skin?  These people speak, and we listen.  It’s called authenticity.  There is a difference between authenticity and brash egoism.  Authenticity is a calm, humble groundedness in one’s self, as opposed to a fake demeanor put out to impress others or deflect from insecurities.

When we speak from an authentic place, a few things happen.  First, we know what to say.  There is no guessing if what we are saying is “right”, if we should be saying that, or how people will react to what we say.  An authentic influencer builds trust and authority, because time and again they prove that they speak their own truth and can back up what they say – whether based on personal opinion or fact.

  • Be Vulnerable

With authenticity comes a vulnerability.  The more authentic we are and the deeper we dig inwards, the more we can connect to our most vulnerable selves.  Now, if you are able to do that and go as far as sharing parts of your vulnerable self with others, this will go a long way.  While this may feel uncomfortable and at times terrifying to you, others respect, honor, and admire it.  Think about those memoirs you have read when authors share a tragic life story in their memoir.  If they are a good writer – like you – they are able to connect to readers in a special way, shape their vulnerable truth in a way that it resonates with readers, and gain popularity.  Being an influencer is not too different.  You have an opportunity each and every day to share a part of yourself that feels vulnerable but may connect with others.  In a sense, you are a role model who is in a position to improve the lives of others.

So how much are you willing to get “naked”, show your vulnerabilities, and help others?  The more you do this, you will find, the more people will be interested in you and your story, and in following along.

  • Be Accountable

Sharing your authentic self with fans and being vulnerable is all well and good, but only if you are able to be accountable for your words and your actions.  Influence comes with a sense of responsibility.  Let me put that another way- influence is responsibility.  People whose influence is exponential hold the trust of their followers; this is only possible for those who are able to be held accountable for content they share.

A new year is approaching, with a brand new opportunity to restart, refresh, and reinvent yourself.  If you are unsatisfied with the level of influence you have built, the niche you have chosen to build it in, or the persona you have taken on, now is the time to make a change.  Perhaps your social influence is not taking off as you may have hoped, because it was built upon a “fake” persona.  Why not make a fresh start at the turn of the New Year and reinvent yourself?

Happy 2016 and Happy New Year of Influence.  You have the power within to make this the biggest, best year yet.  


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