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Project Influence Week 2: Motivation for Influencers

Project Influence Week 2: Motivation for Influencers


When is the last time you began a massive project?  Did you get started without a hitch, or did it take time, loads of planning, and a few stops and starts?

I am guessing that the last time you set your sights on a big project you faced a few bumps in the road.  Sure, you may have hired the help of a business consultant or sought the advice of a mentor, but even the advice and support were not enough of to blast power into your project.

Today’s article looks closer at what drives and motivates us to accomplish big projects in the context of influencing and content, and what prevents us from doing these things.

Project Influence:  Week 2 and Motivation

Week 2 of Project Influence gave me the inspiration for this post because The Slacktivist met with these very same difficulties – stop-start mentality, procrastination, motivation concerns, and other disturbances preventing a blast-off into the world of social media influencers.

Read on to learn how things went.  Or failed to go.

The Meeting

This week when TS and I sat down to meet, he was still finishing up his first blog article for his website.  Quick reminder of last week’s stats:

  • Name: The Slacktivist
  • Website: TheSlacktivist.org
  • Status: Domain name purchased, website not yet set up.
  • Social media status: non-existent
  • Real-life status: Working full-time in medical IT.  Prolific writer and philosopher has yet to publish publicly.
  • Once a week meetings to discuss the project, progress, and moving things forward.
  • Little to no prior knowledge of social media
  • Significant thwarting of social media in the past – dislikes the concept behind it
  • Willing to adhere to my advice
  • Demographics = Drew: Male, 25 years old, resides in California

Week Two 


  • TheSlacktivist.org – live but no content and themeless.  No need to visit yet.
  • Working full time and had a stressful week.
  • No social updates, Instagram remains blank.

My Questions

  • How is everything coming along?
  • When will you publish your first article?
    • Still working on his first article.  He began writing one article, changed the topic half-way through, and started writing a second article before finishing the first one.
  • Have you done anything on social media?
    • Not yet
  • What do you think is preventing you from moving forward?
    • Perfectionism

The Conversation

The Slacktivist is not a dull person.  Dull, as in his mind.  He is very sharp-witted and extremely intelligent.  In fact, I see this as one of his biggest downfalls.  Because TS is so smart, he overthinks a lot of things, including his thoughts, and thus his writing.  Part of the way through writing his very first article, TS got so caught up in his thoughts about it, that he changed direction and is still in the process of rewriting it.  Although he is writing a second article, his intellect and perfectionism seem to have gotten the best of him this week.

We all have these issues: the need or desire to be perfect, the drive to publish perfect content.  If blogging and growing your influence is your only job, chances are you have a lot more time to play around with words and recreate a single article than someone who works full time like TS.  When building influence from scratch, sometimes the hardest part is starting.  You are a blank slate, nothingness for all intents and purposes.  Once you publish those first few pieces of content, you begin to mold yourself.

I can promise you that only about 10 people will see your first posts.  A year from now, when about 100 people (or more) are reading your content, it is unlikely they will navigate back to that very first post.  If they do, awesome, but you will have defined your voice and your brand in a way that was impossible to visualize when you first set out on this path.

My Advice for This Week (and All Beginner Influencers)

Start publishing content.  This is the hardest part.  Publishing for the first time generates the most fear, doubt, and lack of self-confidence.  The only way to get over this is practice and the only way to practice publishing is to publish.

Week 2 Tasks

Produce content!

  • Content, content, content.  In the form of images, pictures, short video clips, articles.
  • Anything, just start getting content out.
  • Forget fear, doubts, perfection.
  • Schedule 1-2 hrs of writing once to twice a week to ensure tasks can be completed.
  • Dedicate 30 min- 1 hr to social media.

Meeting Conclusion

I’m hoping his name does not precede him, and that “Slacktivist” does not actually mean he will slack on this project.  I have faith.  Follow along for next week, here, or on our social:

Follow TheSlacktivist for his side of the story!


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