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Grow Your Influence: Tips 102

Grow Your Influence: Tips 102


 Influencer Growth Tips: Part II

In my last article about growing influence, we reviewed basic tips on how to expand your reach, your followers, and influence.  The truth is, it all begins with you – but you knew that.  So if we deconstruct what influence is, it is actually a really bad ass person just doing their thing, showing it to the world, and people following to see what happens next.  Naturally certain people with particular interests, like yoga, will follow particular yogis of interest and not makeup artists.  This is why verticals and niches exists, and being authentic within your chosen niche is of utmost importance.

How can you dig deeper in the New Year and become more you, drawing even more engaged, loyal fans into your circle of influence?  Let’s take a look.

  • Self-transformation

Always considered that self-transformation, meditation, or yoga retreat but never had a reason to take the time off to attend such a seemingly extravagant vacation?  No time like the present, and no better gift for your personal brand of influence.  One of the greatest ways to expand your influence is to expand yourself.  How is this possible if you sit at your desk, day in and day out, in the same town and never change a thing?

Ok, so you don’t have to fly across the world to Bali to transform from within, but consider taking a meditation course, dance class, or dedicate yourself to any new discipline that will help with self-transformation.  Not only will this amplify your personal life, it will improve your capacity to connect with yourself.  When that happens you are in a better position to speak from an authentic, centered place.  People cannot help but listen to others who stand strong in their center, who speak with truth and conviction, from a relaxed and confident seat.
You just might discover that makeup artistry is no longer your thing, but meditation is, and shift your influence to that.  Perhaps you create a whole new industry combining the two and it goes viral.

Never underestimate the power of personal transformation!

  • Network LAB

The Network LAB is not an actual lab.  LAB stands for Like A Boss.  Yep, that means that in order to expand your circle of influence, network like a boss, baby!  Networking online is great, but why not step out of your home (and comfort zone), and attend an industry conference this year?  Some kind of magic happens when we meet people in person- something far beyond the 2D video screen, even if you are a Periscope rockstar.

Whether you choose to make your way to a blogger or social media conference or work like crazy networking with peers in your industry, co-marketing is a great way to reach a much larger audience in your same vertical.

  • Tune into your Intuition

This step will be easy once you are working on self-transformation because it is a side-effect.  When we listen to our intuition we are better able to answer rather than react, work equanimously rather than emotionally, and engage with others from a higher level.  Your intuition is in place to tell you when to engage with certain people and comments, and when to not.  It will help guide you if you feel lost in your niche, if you wish to gain new clients, and in just about any circumstance.

When in doubt, tune in, not out.



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