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Spring Clean Your Social Media: Choosing the Best Platforms to Grow Your Influence

Spring Clean Your Social Media: Choosing the Best Platforms to Grow Your Influence


This week’s Project Influence is brought to you by all of my lovely friends and acquaintances who are crawling out of winter hibernation in time for spring cleaning and a fresh take on life projects.  By now most of them, including The Slacktivist (whose journey we will continue to follow next week), recognize that marketing one’s self on social media, in order to build influence, is the way to achieve brand exposure and make money doing what he or she loves to do.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a budding photographer, a life coach, a newbie blogger, a corporate executive passionate about art, or have a focus that seems completely unrelated and in conflict with social media – social media is the only way to build a brand today.  Ok, well, I do have one friend who is a yoga teacher in Hong Kong and she is the anti-social media person, but she happens to be a bold exception, teaching only a handful of students and has little need to spread word of her personal brand.

Spring Clean Your Social Media

Do you think you have it all backwards on social media, or are you struggling with the entire concept?  Below are some tips to help you think about your social media presence so that you can build a strong influencer presence.

  • The platform(s) you choose will not make or break your popularity, social growth, or audience loyalty.  What, when, how, and with whom you post is what matters.
  • Certain platforms are better suited for certain projects.
    • Instagram – Ideal for images, so anything visually stimulating like photography or video is perfect for this platform.  That said, IG is perfect for nearly everyone because when you post a picture of something simple like cooking breakfast, or a DIY project, that is as valuable to a budding audience if your copy is good.  The best thing about Instagram is that you can automatically post to Facebook and Twitter from IG, so not too much need to duplicate post on those platforms if you have them already set up.
    • Facebook Business Page – One of the landmark social platforms for promoting your brand, a FB page is standard these days but not necessary.  If you do put up a FB page, be sure to share the content on your personal page, and boost posts via paid advertising every once in a while, otherwise, your organic content will be buried in news feeds due to Facebook’s complex algorithm.
    • Twitter – Influencers have amassed major audiences via Twitter.  It is a great way to network with people in your niche.
    • Pinterest – Visual, artistic, and a great place to post content with the potential of going viral.  Once a few people re-pin one of your pins, and their followers re-pin it, a snowball effect goes into play and you can build a nice little following (and business) off of this platform.
    • YouTube – Videos, folks, videos!  Starting a blog, but you’re better speaking than writing?  Consider a creating a vlog on YouTube.  Nowadays blogs are not the end-all be-all.  People love consuming content in all forms, especially video.  Share short clips to Snapchat and VINE, and film live video via live streaming platforms like Periscope or Meerkat.
    • IFTTT – While not a social media platform, you can integrate all social via If This Than That.
  • Share consistently.  If you do not have content to share each and every day, that’s ok.  Create a sharing schedule for yourself and stick to it.  Fans and followers will get used to your schedule and come to look forward to your posts, so you don’t want to let them down!
  • Be sure you are ready to move forward full stop on your passion project.  When you are ready, your passion has the potential to turn into a full-time business, but not sooner.  Every week I interview influencers who tell a similar story; they start a blog or social media platform out of passion, people start following them because of his or her brilliant content, and one day a couple of years later they have turned into a social media celebrity influencer.

Will you be the next Kim Kardashian or Amanda Oleander?  Keep me updated on your progress in the world of influencing, and feel free to reach out for any additional tips!  zahara@hireinfluence.com



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