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5 Tips to Boost Engagement and Win Brand Sponsorships of Your Dreams

5 Tips to Boost Engagement and Win Brand Sponsorships of Your Dreams


If you have been working to grow your social media presence for a while now, but you seem to be hovering in at the same number of followers and engagement levels, fear not.  This is a typical plateau that nearly all social media influencers encounter at some point in their career, but it is not forever.  Leveling out at 5,000 followers on Instagram isn’t the worst thing in the world (in fact if you have a level headed perspective on the whole thing you are well aware this is a substantial audience).  Still, not all hope is lost.  There are ways to grow your audience while boosting engagement and improving your influencer skills.  Why do you care?  If you want to turn your social media lifestyle into a lucrative business, you will want to secure brand sponsored posts and influencer marketing campaign deals.  These will come in due time, but only if you have a strong personal image and social presence.  Today we will take a look at how to boost audience engagement so you can secure the brand sponsorships and partnerships of your dreams.

5 Tips to Boost Engagement for Landing the Brand Sponsorships of Your Dreams

1. A focused vision.

There’s no time like the present to take a step back from your social media personality and observe what you have built or are currently building.  The more focused your message and brand, the easier it will be to connect with people who share your passion for X, and the more loyalty they will show.  Ask yourself these questions and take steps based on your answers:

  •  What does your brand (and your brand’s image) say, and how do you get the message across?
  • Is your message clear, or are you sending out a vague, blob-like haze of a vision to which people might not easily connect?
  • Are folks responding to your content posts, and if so in what way?
  • Do you sense a genuine connection with your fans, or is it more superficial?

If any of your answers suggest an amorphous, unclear vision, it’s time to make some changes.

2. Go for gold.

You’ve heard the saying “Go big, or go home.”  Influencer marketing and social media are no different, however, fun and carefree it looks.  A surefire way to improve engagement and gain interest from brands is to treat your social media profile like the business that it is.  A few tips on how to do just that:

  • Set goals for your brand and business, both short and long-term.
  • Find other influencers in your industry and send out collaborative posts to get better reach and visibility amongst a new yet relevant audience.
  • Work hard – Every. Single. Day.
  • When you have lost motivation, ideas, your creative juju – take a break.  There is no forcing creativity as you know.  It’s a process like any other art form.
  • If you are completely at a loss and feel the need to post content in order to maintain consistency, gather inspiration from fellow influencers around the internet.

3. Share your life.

Nothing says, “I want to connect with you on a deep, personal level,” like posting a photo of yourself breastfeeding your newborn [insert your own incredibly intimate, heartfelt, unscripted scene].  People love watching others’ lives unfold before their eyes and the more you share from the everyday, the more buy-in you can expect to gain from fans.

4. Authenticity wins every time.

Sharing aspects of your daily life makes a statement, but it will only work to improve audience engagement and get attention from brands if you keep the following in mind:

  • Believe in your content.
  • Express an authentic, genuine passion for the things you share.
  • Connect on a personal and real level with fans.  This means you must actively respond to comments across all social.
  • If you feel yourself drifting from center and sharing content that is less than you, your audience will know.

5. Hone in on favorite brands.

Once you have built an excellent, solid social media foundation, you can reach out to brands yourself for sponsorships – reviews, blog ad placements, sponsored posts, etc.  Spend time connecting with brands that you would (or already do) use in your daily life, and you would be thrilled to share with your audience.  The only way to grow your influencer marketing CV is to provide excellent results for a given brand.  This most often occurs when you share products in which you believe.

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