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5 Reasons Content Marketing is a Good Idea for All Influencers (Even if You Hate It)

5 Reasons Content Marketing is a Good Idea for All Influencers (Even if You Hate It)


If you are working on building your personal brand – an Instagram profile, a blog, an e-commerce shop, what have you – there is more to building your brand than meets the eye.  Many people love to fall back on the old Field of Dreams adage, “If you build it, they will come” but guess what?  It just ain’t true.  The adage should go something like, “If you build it, you must work your butt off to let people know about it and then if you share enough rad content with the right people in a niche, targeted audience, you might build a solid following.”

It’s not that I’m pessimistic about building a fanbase.  It’s that I happen to be an expert in influencer marketing and content management, and I am all too aware of what happens behind the scenes of popular influencers, bloggers, personal brands, and entrepreneurs.  If you are working on building your brand and business, then you probably are familiar with some of the challenges.  Today’s article explores the reasons every influencer, blogger, and budding entrepreneur needs a content marketing strategy.  If you know this but haven’t created one yet, read on because this article is just as relevant for those procrastinators out there.  Something is holding you back, and maybe this article will be the catalyst you need to make the shift to add content marketing to your list of skills.

5 Reasons Content Marketing is a Good Idea 

1. The only way to grow is to market yourself – strategically.

You are likely a born marketer, but if you are not that’s ok.  It’s time to embrace the idea of “marketing” as good, rather than evil.  I meet a lot of people whose deepest desire is to become an influencer through writing or a social media profile, but the idea of promoting themselves is at the bottom of their list.

  • First, you must change your perspective on “marketing”.  It is not evil.  Marketing is the handiest tool in your toolbox, and it’s important to cozy up to the idea.
  • Once you are comfortable with the idea of marketing yourself (however you reach this point), know that hodgepodge marketing is a stab in the dark at best.  Constructing a well-thought-out marketing plan is crucial.

2. If you share it, they will come.

The only way anyone is going to know about your social media profiles and blog articles is if you tell them to look, and how to find you.  Afraid to fill your friends’ and families’ newsfeeds with promotional material?  Get over it!  They are assaulted with promos from strangers all day long, and they will be happy to receive your inspirational posts.  If you don’t believe that, it’s either time to start believing in yourself or time to write new content.

3. Organization keeps the mind sane and the content flowing.

This tip follows Tip #1 – Organize your content strategy.  In fact, create an actual strategy for your own sanity.  Even if you don’t follow it to a tee, you will feel more clear-headed in general.  When you sit down to your computer in the morning to write, you may just get your work done in record time.

4. The competition is fierce.

You are competing against writers and influencers who have been working on their businesses for years – some a decade or more.  Fear not; they all began with zero followers just like you.  Do not be disheartened.  Rather, use the competition as motivation to keep you inspired and working on your content strategy.

5. Win brand sponsorships.

If you plan to become a full blown influencer and get paid brand sponsorships, having a content marketing strategy in place is your best bet to achieving this goal sooner rather than later.  Lay out a plan that includes the number of followers you would like to reach, the timeframe you would like to achieve this in, how you plan to get there – overview and small, daily tasks – and what the strategy looks like on a micro and macro level.  If you feel confident in the strategy, execute with certainty, and you will be pleased with the results.

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