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What Is Evergreen Content and Why Should You Use It?

What Is Evergreen Content and Why Should You Use It?


Bloggers, writers, influencers, marketers, listen up.  If you have not heard the term “evergreen content”, it’s time to step up your game.  While it’s great to write what you are passionate about and write authentic, unique content from the heart, none of it will matter in the end if no one is reading your articles.

Evergreen Content 

The term evergreen is used to describe content that is SEO-driven, continually relevant, and remains fresh for readers.

Evergreen is the word used to described this type of content, as named after the trees (pine or fir) brought home for Christmas.  These types of trees typically retain their leaves throughout the season and are considered sustainable and lasting.

Common Formats for Evergreen Content

Structure for evergreen content helps you organize thoughts.  The following are common formats used when writing evergreen content, although they are not always used, and by no means do these formats make your content evergreen.

  • “How To” Instructional Videos
  • Tips
  • Lists
  • Product Reviews
  • Current Releases
  • Testimonials
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Industry Resources

Evergreen Don’ts

While it is somewhat easy to see what evergreen content is, it is almost easier to understand evergreen content by identifying what it is not.  The following is a list of what not to do when writing evergreen content.

  • News articles
  • Stats which can change or go out of date shortly
  • Latest trends
  • Fashion trends
  • Pop culture articles
  • Holiday or seasonal articles

Evergreen SEO

You are in a position to cultivate a rock solid content marketing strategy when you combine SEO techniques with evergreen content.  Evergreen content will be the longest standing, most relevant content on your website or blog in the long run.  Mix in SEO keywords related to your business so your site ranks higher for an evergreen article gives your content extra buoyancy.

Evergreen Tips to Keep in Mind

1. Keep it brand-relevant

It makes absolutely no sense to write a “How To” article about creating a social media marketing strategy, if your business is all about gourmet cupcakes.  While it might be useful to throw an article up every once and a while about how to grow your blog or social platforms, the content is not considered evergreen if it is unrelated to the topic at hand.

2. Give the appearance of timelessness

Your evergreen content should appear timeless.  This gets tricky in areas of social media or technology when things are updated every second, but certain content is sustainable over time.  Take this article for example – “Writing Evergreen Content” is timeless yet relevant and is something that will be needed for decades to come, unless things change drastically on the internet or in content creation by next century.

3. Scrap the dates

Adding dates to any evergreen article automatically places it in the category of antiquated.  Why?  A date in the content of an article identifies the article as living in a particular space and time – the opposite of evergreen.

4. Help your content thrive

While SEO-driven evergreen content can get some visibility on the web, only you have the power to make sure it is seen time and again.  Nothing is worse than allowing your evergreen content to be swallowed up by all of the great new content you write.  Consider organizing your blog by “Top Posts”, “Home Page” for recently written articles, and so on.

Another way to help your content flourish is to expand each topic.  Write a related topic and refer back to the original article in the new post with a link to the other article.  Sustainability in the environment involves recycling, so be sure to recycle your articles for readers!


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