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Using Social Media to Find Influencers

Using Social Media to Find Influencers


Finding influencers within your space can be a laborious process, but the work can definitely payoff. When you are looking for influencers to build relationships with, turning to the popular social media networks is an easy way to identify, and begin interacting with, powerful personalities.  These sites are filled with influencers. Of these sites, LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are the top three. Use these sites to directly find the authorities in your industry.

Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • On Twitter, use the search function for finding new influencers. Follow hashtags of others to find who and what is being talked about.
  • On Facebook, use the search box to research people in your industry. “Like” those who have a high Fan base and high rate of engagement by checking out their talking about numbers. Join Industry specific groups. Become a part of the conversation.
  • Search for your specific industry on LinkedIn for Influencers socializing here. Follow them on LinkedIn and in their other social sites. Join groups.
  • On GooglePlus, find the industry influencers by searching for their G+ page. Join relevant groups and circles.
  • Search for your industry specific keywords on Pinterest. Search for and follow those who frequently engage with your niche keywords. Look for broad Pinterest categories to find those with a lot of repins.

If you’re patient and diligent in your efforts, and genuine and engaging in your communications, you’ll be pleasantly surprised with the relationship you can nurture with Influencers on social media.


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