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How to Make Your Brand (and Blog) Sparkle: Content Creation

How to Make Your Brand (and Blog) Sparkle: Content Creation


Yesterday I reviewed the basics of branding, which can help boost the image, traffic, and eventually, sales on your website or blog.  Naturally the foundation of any solid, successful, sparkling brand is one in which the founders have thought through their brand messaging, company vision, and how these can be expressed on the web.  From there, branding comes to life with well-crafted logo, then comes down to a great color scheme, the right fonts, and finally images.

Today we will take you one step further on the branding journey, to the bread and butter of it all.  While image is extremely important, nothing says “This is My Brand” like content.

Creating Content to Build Your Brand

1. Rules of Blogger Engagement

Have you ever followed a blog, signed up for the newsletter, and then received sporadic messages about a new post?  It’s kind of random, and a little confusing.  Maybe you really like the blog, but eventually you simply give up following the author because of his or her inconsistency.  You are not exempt from the same rules of blogger engagement.

Rules of Blogger Engagement:

  • Write and post consistently.  1 day / week or 5, it doesn’t matter as long as it’s consistent.
  • Respond to any comments made on the blog post, as soon as you can.
  • Post your blog article on all social platforms.  Grow your following!
  • Work on boosting your post schedule to 2 or more days per week over time.

2. SEO-driven, evergreen content

If you are building a brand and blog you would like people to find and follow, it’s a great idea to write SEO driven content.  Even better, make it evergreen content.  SEO driven pieces are not as difficult as many think; they are quite simple, in fact, and once you learn the format they can drastically improve your style and skills.

“Evergreen” is a term used to describe content which is SEO-driven, continually relevant, and remains fresh for readers over the decades.  A couple of weeks ago I wrote an article about evergreen content.  The biggest takeaways are:

  • Make the content brand-relevant
  • Maintain an image of timelessness
  • Expand upon topics to help keep your content growing (link back to old articles)

3. Create Content in Alignment with Branding

That brings us to creating content in alignment with your brand – nothing is more important.  Sounds like common sense, right?  Why would you write about a baseball game when you sell car parts?  Sure, you can use a baseball metaphor in your article, but it makes very little sense to write about last night’s big game if you are trying to sell auto parts.

The more you write and publish content related to your branding message, the more readers believe you are an expert at what you do.  Also the more you write about your company’s subject with SEO-driven content, the higher ranking you gain on Google and other search engines, which builds your visibility and credibility even further.

Align with Your Branding:

  • Speak from a place of knowledge and expertise
  • Keep content topics in line with your messaging
  • Try to maintain consistent tone throughout your articles – for branding and for readers
    • Example: If your brand is a fun, flirty brand, write with that in mind
  • Any sponsored posts should also be aligned with your branding

4. Make it all flow

Flow is a great word; it sounds easy, and like something that happens absent of effort.  Instead, sometimes the opposite is the case: we have to do a lot work to make all of the pieces fit together and flow nicely.  That said, it is your job to ensure all of the aspects of your website and blog flow together, from the color scheme, logo, name, fonts, to your content and images.

I leave you with this question: If you were a random visitor to your own website, how would you react?  Would you want to visit again, and if so, how badly?  Badly enough to sign up for your newsletter?

If the answer is “no”, it’s time to reconsider some of the steps in your branding process.

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