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Hot to Get Your Content Marketing Mojo Back, Baby

Hot to Get Your Content Marketing Mojo Back, Baby


In yesterday’s article, I shared my top five favorite content generation tools for writers, bloggers, and influencers to help cut through writer’s block fog.  Sometimes, though, we completely lose the plot (no pun intended), and need help putting the train back on its tracks, so to speak.

Many writer’s stories sound like this: you created a monthly content strategy in early January this year to set yourself up for a strong year of planned content.  By February 1st, you effectively used all keywords and content ideas, leaving your year-long content strategy empty.  In early January, you felt like you were on the top of the world, but have lost your content strategy mojo by now and you’re not sure how to get it back.  Have no fear, today’s article will give you a content strategy jump start.

4 Awesome Ways to Get Your Marketing Content Mojo Back

1. Shine like the diamond you are.

No, this isn’t a verse from a song.  When I say “Shine like the diamond you are,” I mean a few things: first, be your authentic self, second, make your authentic self shine through your writing, and ensure that your blog shines from your brand’s image.

Sound like a lot of work?  This may sound like heavy lifting to some of you, but second nature to others.  I will break this down for you; your content strategy begins with the right foundation, and that foundation is you.  If your writing is disconnected, disingenuous, lacking in imagination and sparkle, it’s time for an overhaul.

2. Shake your tail feather.

When’s the last time you shook up your content?  Sure, you write within your niche, speak to your audience and keep a consistent tone of voice throughout your writing career, but every once in a while it’s a superb idea to show your flare.

Flare can be anything new and bold, that still lines up with your bottom-line messaging.  So, for example, if your blog is about saving baby owls, maybe one day you post an absurdly adorable, funny photoshopped photo of baby owls in mini tuxedos.  Even better, one day you and a friend dress up as owls and post a vlog as an alternative to your daily blog.

3. Pin it to win it.

Professional athletes, successful businesspersons, and everyday people use visualization to achieve goals and get what they want in life.  Executing a flawless content strategy is no different; you need to visualize it in your mind’s eye – or on paper – to bring it to life. Create a visualization board on Pinterest of ideas and topics you wish to write about in coming months, or if you prefer hands-on work, cut ideas out of a magazine to create a poster board you can place within site when you sit down at your computer every morning.

4. Mind your map, map your mind.

Continuing with the belief that visualization provides continuity, clarity, organization and empowerment, create a visual map for your content strategy.  Depending on what you’ve done in the past you have likely written down your game plan different ways.  I often stick to basics like Google Spreadsheet for brainstorming and keeping track of dates I use specific topics and keywords.

Some great virtual tools can provide you with a much better visual sense of your new, sparkly writing strategy, like MindNode, which can “enrich your thoughts with images and highlight them with style.”


If you have great ideas about how to get your content marketing mojo back, and you would like to share them on our blog, please reach out!  We are accepting guest blog posts.  Either submit via your Advowire account to The Wire, or email me directly: zahara@hireinfluence.com.

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