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An Uninspired Blog: Why Inspirational Posts Are Key to Blogging Success

An Uninspired Blog: Why Inspirational Posts Are Key to Blogging Success


There are no two ways about it: blogging is demanding.  Content creation, writing, and constant publishing demands time, creativity, and a lot of hard work.  You do it because you love it and, well, it’s your job.  What began as a passion project and something to keep your creative juices flowing has now become your full blown career.

So what’s the problem?  Well, sometimes we become so overly focused our particular topic of choice that we forget a main premise of blogging.  Writers, bloggers, and influencers’ job is to inspire readers.  If you fail to instill a good dose of inspiration in your followers on a weekly basis, you will soon not be able to hang onto your engaged followers for all too long.

An Uninspired Blog

Most people think their blog is inspiring and probably have no idea why I would even write such a post as this one today.  You might be thinking, “Why would anyone not include inspiration in their blog?”  You would be surprised at the number of blogs I see on a daily basis that are devoid of inspiration.  It’s not intentional by any means.  We do what we know, and some of us simply do the bare minimum to keep money flowing in.  That said if you are in the business of blogging, you are in the business of inspiring others.

Characteristics of an Uninspired Blog:

  • Blog that focuses solely on giveaways.
  • Content that is purely superficial.
  • DIY, how to’s and blogs hosting other useful content are not enough – inspiration is in the tone and story.
  • A blog that lacks passion in one that is uninspired.
  • One whose posts are inconsistent, the content itself uninspiring.
  • The “All about ME” blog, rather than “All about the reader”.

The list goes on.  Let’s take a look at what an inspired blog is, and how you can make sure your blog is inspiring to others.

An Inspired Blog

Inspiring others does not take as much work as you might think.  There are a few key story features that can be added to any post to help boost your inspirational levels.

Characteristics of an Inspired Blog Post:

  •  Infuse your excitement and passion about the topic at hand.
  • Make sure your reader is addressed in some way through the article.  Make sure they can gain insight, lessons, or derive knowledge to take into their own lives through the post.
  • Use images and colors!
  • Article test – at the end of the post, ask a friend, a stranger, and yourself upon a review, “Does this post inspire me?”
  • Choose one day a week to write about something that has inspired you since your last inspiring post (or begin this week).  Let others know you are making inspirational posts a priority, and consider titling a section of your blog “Inspiration” or “Inspiring Stories”.
  • If you do not feel inspired, it’s time to shake things up.  Do something this week or weekend that will leave you feeling inspired.  Go for a long walk outside, hike to a spectacular viewpoint, take your kids to a new place they would love, cook that meal you have been dying to try, etc.
  • Try sharing something vulnerable about yourself that you would rather not share, but you know would inspire others.  This is one of the hardest tips, but by far the most rewarding.


If you decide to make some changes in your blog and begin writing more inspirational posts, or use a few of the tips from this article (or any of the others I’ve written), please let me know!  I would love to hear about it, and I would love to feature your blog in the next Blogging Success/ Influencer Success article!  Email me directly at: zahara@hireinfluence.com.


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