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Which Content Is King, When It’s All Buzz-worthy?

Which Content Is King, When It’s All Buzz-worthy?


This week is a busy one if you slowed down enough in your own life and work as a writer and influencer to find out what is happening outside and in the virtual world.  The Oscars are on Sunday and newscasters are already speculating about whom will be the best dressed.  Oh, and of course who will take home an Oscar.  Facebook’s Reaction feature was finally released in America, and people are “loving” and “hating” and “wowing” all over the FB.  Watching the Republican Debate is no longer a serious matter.  No, no, no.  Now it’s all about what outrageously amazing statement Trump will make both on and off-stage, and what tweets will follow.

It’s a miracle anyone has time to breathe, and focus on family and work.

As a content creator, writer, blogger, and influencer, do you ever question which direction to go with all of the incredibly compelling and captivating news flying around?  I understand your plight.  Today’s article will help you narrow your focus in a few short steps.

Weekly Content-Focusing Tips

  1. Stay true to your brand’s mission.

Just because Christian Bale is your absolute favorite actor and he is up for an Oscar for Supporting Role in The Big Short, doesn’t mean that you need to ditch your weekly article about peonies in exchange for an article about all of Bale’s best roles in the history of his career.  Your fans will be a little confused.  Stick to this week’s blog about pink peonies and the peak of cherry blossom season, and your fans will remain loyal.

  1. Play into the buzz, a little.

Now of course if you are all about The Oscars; who’s who, who’s wearing who, who wins what, and so on, it makes sense to write or post something about your passion for films this weekend.  Sticking with the example of a blog about flowers, perhaps you cover an article about the flowers at The Oscars.  Better yet, maybe you write an article about the lack of flowers and the history of flowers at The Oscars and why this year none are present.  In other words, it is worth dipping into current buzz-worthy topics by taking a new perspective, in order to gain new fans that would otherwise not find your blog.

  1. Be flexible with your content calendar.

Hopefully by now you have a content calendar – whether it is for articles, social media posts, or in general to keep you on track.  It’s a great idea to create one if you do not have a content calendar of some sort in place.  The important thing to remember about your calendar is to remain flexible, and allow room for hot topics, such as unbelievable comments made during a presidential debate, red carpet fumbles, and other buzz-worthy topics.

  1. Google Keyword Tool

Google’s Keyword Tool is one of the best ways to learn if a search term or phrase is hitting big in search engines.  Entering a new term into this tool – one that might be unrelated to your niche – is a good idea.  You can also search Google to see what is popping up.  Remember to write your own unique spin on current news, otherwise your content will simply get lost in the sea of hot topics.


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