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How to Maximize Writing Time Over the Holidays

How to Maximize Writing Time Over the Holidays


You are a blogger, an influencer, a writer, a social media guru.  You work hard and you love what you do.  Rarely do you get a moment to breathe, let alone take time off, because let’s face it- working from your computer is both a blessing and a curse.  You have complete freedom to work when you want, where you want, and as many or as little hours you want in a day.

Still, if you want to get P-A-I-D, work you must.  So while all of your friends and family talk about the luscious holiday breaks they are taking, you look forlornly at your computer screen and wonder if you will be able to concentrate enough to type away sitting at a beachside cafe.

Who are you kidding?  Is that even a real vacation?  Absolutely not.  Is there a way to manage your blog in such a way that leaves you free to take time with friends and family over the holidays so you are not handcuffed to your screen, phone, and social media?

Prioritizing Social and Blog

Christmas is in a few days.  Unless you are single, and, well, the Grinch, you will likely want to take time for your family.  Expect that your fans and followers will as well.  They may expect a little lovin’ over the holidays, so let’s take a look at some ideas and ways to prioritize and organize.

1. Decide on a holiday schedule

Choose a holiday schedule that works for you.  Maybe that is taking time off from social and blogging altogether.  Maybe it means spending one hour a day, or just ten minutes twice a day on social.  Whatever schedule feels doable and ok for you, decide before we head into the holidays; you still have a couple days to find what will work best.

2. Let your followers know what to expect

One of the ways you have built such a strong following is your dedication to consistency, routine, and production of content.  Your followers know that they can expect, for example, two blog posts a week on Mondays and Thursdays, two social media posts a day on each of your platforms, and regular engagement.

Manage their expectations and let them know what to expect over the holidays if you will not be keeping up that rigorous schedule.  It’s no big deal!  They want you to take some time off and refresh for the New Year also, just tell them so they are not let down because they love your content so very much.

3. Treat your followers

Holidays are the perfect time to treat your followers to free gift certificates, free giveaways, and more.  Rewarding them for accommodating your abbreviated holiday schedule is a great way to appease potentially disgruntled fans.  They are simply upset because they love you so much, so give them some goodies and they will ride that out through the New Year.

4. Go and enjoy!

Now is your time to enjoy the best time of the year.  If you take these steps to ensure your content is covered, and/or your followers can expect a delay in content, you can feel easy stepping away from your tech.

After all we all need a little mind cleanse and technology detox.

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