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High Traffic in One Day

High Traffic in One Day


High traffic in one day? You certainly do not believe this. First, I did not believe it too. But, we will believe it after we read, learn and practice these guidelines.

High traffic in one day, no longer is a dream, if we practice the guidelines below.

All websites, blogs, online stores or the owner of the account on YouTube, definitely want to get the high traffic. Because of what? Because, if our visitors are thousands or tens of thousands of people per day, then we will get a lot of money. And, if our traffic is not much, then we will only get a little money as well. In fact, it is possible, if we do not get the money at all.

It can be formulated as follows:

High traffic – Getting much more money – Make us rich.
Little traffic – Getting a little money – Don’t make us rich.
No traffic – No money.

Neil Pate said, “But if no one visits your blog, how are you going to generate those links, or, even more, traffic, or sales?”

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Before getting high traffic, then we have to decide:
1. The purpose we write the articles.
We must know our readers. Who is our target market? Who are we writing to?

3. How long does it take to make an article?

4. How many words will we write an article?

5. How many articles we publish every month?
6. What are the things that can give high traffic to us?

Here’s a list of what things that could improve the traffic of our website / blog:
1. Articles.

a. The title of the article. We must be able to give an interesting title so that people will click on and read the contents of our article.

b. The first opening sentence or paragraph that makes people feel curious to read the entire article.
c. The contents of the article should make the readers feel happy that they want to re-visit our website / blog.
d. The article is accompanied by pictures / photos / images are interesting, related to the content of the article.
e. The article is accompanied by a video that is interesting, related to the contents of the article.
f. The article is accompanied by internal links within the article.
g. The article is accompanied by external links to a variety of the top websites in the article.
h. Articles should be accompanied by a deep analysis on specific topics.
i. The article consists of 1,000+ words. Most good consisting of 3,000-10,000 words.
j. The article is accompanied by a conclusion.

k. The article has an invitation to read our article via social media buttons provided.

l. The article is written in simple language and easy to understand, so that it can be read and understood by children aged 12 years.

m. Other articles should also contain points a-l above.
n. The number of articles in our blog. The more the number of articles on the website / blog, the better. Therefore, we have to frequently update the new articles to our website / blog. If possible, then create and publish 10+ articles per day. 

We have two ways to write the articles. First, do it yourself. Second, pay someone to do it. Third, you create articles plus articles made by others, which we will publish on our website / blog.

If you do not know where to go looking for a professional writer, then you can contact me. 🙂

o. Button to share articles to social media. The more social media provided a button, it will be better for the growth of traffic on our website / blog.

Social media is often used to deploy the article is Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Reddit, StumbleUpon, etc.

Remember this. Create “high evergreen articles” so that your articles will continue to be read for many years after being issued. Examples of high evergreen articles is an article that you are reading at this time. 🙂

In addition to high evergreens articles, then we also have to make an article, which is expected to be viral in our society.

The secret of making our articles become viral is a deep analysis with 3,000 to 10,000 words according to Buzzsumo. Because, people would rather share deep articles with the analysis of the short articles.

2. Website/blog.

a. Design. Make a good design so that visitors linger while visiting a website / blog.
b. Layout. There are a balance and harmony in arranging articles, advertisements, pictures / photos / images, related articles, videos, and others.
c. Mobile friendly. Mobile phone users have no difficulty when reading the article.
d. The faster time loading the better.

3. The people.

a. The authors of the articles.
b. Editor.
c. Readers of the articles.
d. Other bloggers.
e. Advertisers.
We should show the good relationship with all of them if we want to get high traffic to our website / blog.

If our website or blog has become big, then we also need to keep up the good relationship with journalists and/or the media. So that they can cover stories that discuss our business and/or our website / blog.

4. Network

We must build a network, by building a good relationship with people as it is written in number 3 above. In addition, we can also active in various forums and communities that exist or we build a new community / forum.

We are actively commenting on as many websites, blogs, forums or communities. Then, we insert links to our website / blog in the comments. Therefore, we have commented in accordance with the topics discussed. And, we give troubleshooting or similar article is accompanied by the links to our website / blog.

We can also answer a variety of questions in Quora, Ask, YAHOO! ANSWER, WARRIOR FORUM, LinkedIn, etc. If the readers like our answer then they will visit our website / blog.

We also have to connect our website / blog with all the social media. Because more and more of our articles distributed to social media, the more we get traffic from a variety of social media.

5. Strategies.

a. Conduct research. The research will be maximized if done before we start to create a website / blog, by doing research when creating themes, topics and keywords that will be used to create the articles.
b. Diligently send new articles to social media and search engines.
c. Diligent is a guest post on a variety of top websites. By doing this, we will have three advantages. First, we will be regarded as an expert when our writing appeared on many top websites in the world. Second, we will get the money as a payment on the articles that we make. Third, our website / blog will get high traffic because of the many new visitors. These new visitors come because they had read our articles on other websites.

We should try to publish at least one article on top websites like Craked, BuzzFeed, New York Post, etc. Because of an article published, there can be read by hundreds of thousands of times and even some of them can be clicked more than a million times.

If our article read by three hundred thousand people and 1% of them visits our website / blog, then we get three thousand new visitors. If the average visitor clicks three times, then we got an extra 9,000 clicks from an article that appeared in the top of the website.

d. Use of SEO for the website / blog, then we can quickly get to the first page with a lot of keywords. Make a habit of using Long-tail keywords.

e. Do not forget to give related posts under conclusions. So that after the readers finish reading, they can continue to read another article.

f. If we offer products and/or services, then we must give a great discount at certain times. Everyone loves when given a discount. 🙂

g. Give the gift or giveaway a book or eBook so that readers subscribe their email address, so we can build the email marketing.

h. We must give the latest articles to people based on existing email marketing.

i. From time to time we are holding a contest with prizes iPhone or iPad, then we will get thousands or tens of thousands of new emails from the contest participant.

j. In addition to promoting our articles on the social media, we can also promote through advertising media, both free and paid advertising.

k. How to make a great article is to do some research on the top websites. Then, look for the most widely-read article. After that, we create a better article.

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How did I go from an approximate 30 visitors to well over 1500 visitors to my blog in one day?


Don’t wish it was easier. But we can make it simple and focused. We need to work smarter so that we can get high traffic in one day.

  1. The articles on our website / blog: An interesting title + high evergreen content + internal & external links + button to share articles to social media + promotion = Go viral. 
  2. The guest poster on top websites: An interesting title + high evergreen content + Insert links to our website / blog + a deep analysis + promotion = Go viral. 
  3. If possible, then create and publish 10+ articles per day + one guest post on the top website = Go viral. 
  4. Tells everyone about our articles and make them share our articles (go viral).
  5. If 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = High traffic in one day.

So what are you waiting for? Practice all the above guidelines and get high traffic in one day.

Finally, if you find this article useful, please share worldwide.

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Richard Nata I am an entrepreneur, consultant to Go Public (IPO) in Indonesia Stock Exchange, author, novelist, essayist, blogger and ghost writer. My articles, including short stories, published in magazines and newspapers since 1994. I have written a lot of books, both fiction, and non-fiction. So I was a professional in the field of writing, both fiction, and non-fiction.