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How Create the Perfect Blog (to Win Followers and Brand Sponsorships)

How Create the Perfect Blog (to Win Followers and Brand Sponsorships)


Most writers and bloggers start blogs for the love of [fill in the blank with your passion].  Often it is the very love of writing that gets us going, combined with the desire to work for one’s self, to share your passion and inspire others, while working for yourself.  In other words, you want to live your dream and experience freedom in life and labor.  Not bad.  Pulling everything together in a professional way that draws a big enough following, brings in an adequate living, and creates the space and freedom you, so desire takes a ton of work and dedication.  You can pay someone to do this for you but that will cost a pretty penny, and it may not turn out to reflect your personal brand image.  In today’s article, I will cover some basic ways you can create a blog that will draw followers galore, to which brands will inevitably flock for sponsored posts, reviews, and ads.

Creating the Perfect Blog 

1. There’s perfection in the imperfect.

Remember that perfection happens over time.  I can’t tell you how many times I updated my website and blog over the years, only to tweak it once again.  Everything from your logo, name, design, colors, images, copy, content, tabs or sections, to other aspects of your blog will evolve as your voice and brand do.  If you feel too overwhelmed at the prospect of creating the perfect blog to the point that setting it up is a non-starter, than you have failed before you’ve begun.

2. Keep it simple.

Think about starting with the basics: Home Page, About Me Page, and maybe one other section depending on the topics you plan to cover.  Minimalism goes further than you might think, and there are people who have built blogs and gained hundreds of thousands of followers using a Web 2.0 style.  Remember that the style, logo, and image can be substantial, but only as important as you make them and only if your content matches the vision.

3. Strategize success.

Very few businesses have succeeded by accident.  Most extremely successful people, brands, and companies have created a plan of sorts to reach a certain level of prosperity.  Your plan might be detailed and accurate down to a month’s worth of blog titles and a year-long content and marketing strategy.  On the other hand, you may just want to sketch out a general vision with goals and how you intend to reach these aims.  Over time only you can determine if a skeletal strategy is enough to help you advance to the next levels of achievement.

4. Have a vision in mind.

This point seems simple enough, but you’d be surprised how many people start blogs or websites without a clear vision of the intention, mission, or goals they wish to reach through the blog.  How do you know what direction to take, what type of content to write, which type of audience to target, how to market yourself, or how to strategize a successful business plan at all if you have no idea what your blog’s grand vision is?  If you are struggling with finding a vision or purpose to your blog, take some steps to gain inspiration such as a long nature walk, meditation, a visualization exercise, or another goal-oriented technique.

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