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Blogging on the Daily: A Must-Have Checklist for Every Blogger

Blogging on the Daily: A Must-Have Checklist for Every Blogger


Blogging on the Daily

If you are a blogger, and almost every today doing something on the Internet is, you realize that there are a few key things you need to keep your blog, your brand, your business, and your life in order.  Regardless of whether you blog for a brand that is not your own, you blog your heart out for your personal brand, you blog for fun, or you blog because it is a good extension of your social media presence, your copy needs to catch.  It is not so easy to write compelling copy when you sit down in front of your computer at 9am on Monday morning to write that day’s blog, which is due at 10am.  What’s a blogger to do?

Most of us know we function much more effectively and efficiently with organizational tools, like content charts, keyword lists, and simple checklists.  For whatever reason it is nearly impossible to wrap our mind around writing something like that up at the end of a long day, when all we do is write, all day, every day.  So as a pre-Valentine’s gift to my fellow bloggers, I have compiled a Must Have Blogger Checklist.  It will give you space to breathe in your day, time to welcome more self-love into your life, time to put stress away, and write like the blogger boss that you are.

Must Have Blogger Checklist

The best thing to do is begin fresh on Monday evaluating your list and To Do’s for the week.  You will be surprised how much work you can finish in a shorter amount of time if you stay well organized.  After all, time is money.

  • Review list of topics to cover this week.  Ask if it is: Thorough enough? Compelling enough? Enticing? Reader worthy?
  • Schedule your day and your week based on tasks you need to complete.  Even if they are one to three-hour blocks, it will help your mind think less and focus more when it comes to the writing.
  • Research evergreen content with keyword searches.  Come up with 10 additional topics to cover that answer problems your target market deals with.
  • Check email and answer any pressing matters.
  • Close all social until daily blog article is complete.  Consider Pomodoro or something of the sort.
  • Put on inspiring music and prepare anything else you need to write – coffee, candles, lighting, kids to school, dog walked, etc.
  • After blog copy is complete, design any images for the article.  Look ahead at the week’s topics and prepare images – photos, quotes, memes – to use in those articles.  My go-to is Ribbet, and I also love Canva.
  • Send your blogs out via social media networks?  Stick with a scheduler; they are easier to use, more efficient, and keep you from distraction.  Hootsuite is still an all-time favorite and I use it on the daily.
  • If you send out images through social additional to your blog, choose a time to design and schedule the images.
  • Towards the end of the day, attend to housekeeping, such as billing and accounting needs.  You might want to set aside Thursdays at 10am to do this (or whenever), but be sure you have a set time that you focus on this side of your business.
  • Inspiration!  Do not forget to search the web and other social profiles for some good ole’ inspiration.  Maybe all you need to do is have lunch with a friend, take a yoga class, or go for a walk in order to be inspired.  Whatever it takes, be sure to have a dose of inspiration each day.
  • Every week it’s wise to evaluate and re-evaluate your brand.  Is your brand everything you want it to be?  Does your website say what you are trying to say, through the logo, colors, images, copy, and more?  Friday mornings are a good time to contemplate branding.
  • Before your day is over, know what topic you plan to write about tomorrow.
  • Before your week is over, know what topics you plan to cover next week.  Ideally, take a few hours and create a content calendar for the entire month.

A blogger’s job is never finished – or at least it feels that way.  Make sure you find time for yourself, your friends, your family, and nature.  Nothing recharges us quicker than a good dose of the outdoors and fresh air.  The list can wait, since it is already written…

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