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Blog Influencers: Grow Your Social Influence & Become a Blogging Boss

Blog Influencers: Grow Your Social Influence & Become a Blogging Boss


You blog because you love sharing your vision, passions, and purpose with the world.  Each day you wake up with a smile on your face knowing you will make an impact on someone’s life today, even if that someone is your sister-in-law, because she is a die-hard fan of your blog.

You do it for the love of writing, for the art of writing, for creativity, and to impart transformation on others’ lives.

Or do you?

Recently you’ve been asking yourself, is writing a blog just for the sake of writing it, enough?  There is a deep, inkling, feeling deep inside your belly – let’s call it your gut intuition – telling you that writing for the sake of writing is no longer fulfilling your life, your soul, and certainly not your wallet or providing food for your family.

It’s time to step up your blogging game, and it’s time to step up big time.  The influx of influencer marketing job opportunities and constant chatter in top e-mags and all social channels suggests that the very best way to become a Blogging Boss is to grow your social influence, period.  No longer can you hide behind your poetic words and motivational memes; it’s time to bring the influence that you can certainly provide, with enough streamlined and focused efforts.  Oh, and it may help to know just how to grow your social influence.

Grow Your Social Influence & Become a Blogging Boss 

1.Social is Sexy (and Crucial)

Nothing says Blogger Boss like a social media boss, in fact.  While blogging is awesome, are you fully utilizing all social media potential to spread your blogging business to those who might really love your work and advice?  From Instagram to Twitter to Facebook, there is no shortage of fans just waiting to follow your blog.  If you have no social media connections or skills and hope people will simply stumble upon your blog because you think it rocks (which it obviously does!), you will be waiting, well, forever.  You may find that you enjoy Vlogging on YouTube and mini Vlogs on Snapchat, Vine or IG as much or more than blogging itself.  More and more influencers are going “omni-channel”, which means they are sharing their content on multiple platforms, and you simply cannot compete and build a massive social influence and following without doing so yourself.

2. Full ROI on Visitor

When visitors land on your homepage, what happens?  How do you capture – and hold – their attention?  Is there a sleek pop up offer which generates 30 seconds in, to gather new visitor email addresses?  Consider offering a motivational e-book you wrote, a video series, something valuable that you would want and would willingly give away your in exchange for your own email address.  Think “free”, “value-infused”, and “fun”.

3. Brand Yourself

You have been so passionately focused on the writing itself that you nearly forgot one of the most important things: you are a business.  You are a brand, your blog is a product of your brand, and it is your job as the CEO of You to create the most appealing, captivating brand and image possible.  Branding is everything when dealing in the currency of social influence, and it’s up to you where you set your virtual “price” so-to-speak.  In this article about building brand influence, I wrote about what it takes to build general social influence and the very first point is about personal branding, worth reading over for further detail.

4. Co-creation, Collaboration, Celebration

Have you ever wondered how someone with virtually no followers on Instagram is able to gain 10,000 followers in 1 week?  One way to gain followers on any platform and build your social influence is to collaborate with others in your niche; those with klout scores reaching Obama status (99/100).  Co-creating content is a fabulous way to support one another.  One example is an interview I recently conducted with Kino MacGregor, one of the most well-known yogis in the world and quite possibly the yogi who paved the way for all yogis in social media.  Why do I mention this article?  She co-created content by engaging in an interview with me, and then collaborated by sharing the content on her social media profiles.  This article was shared with thousands.  For example, if you are a jewelry blogger, find a famous fashion blogger with tens of thousands of followers who is willing to collaborate on content with you.

A strong personal brand, strong collaboration efforts, social media boss strategies in place, and slow and steady growth of fan base, your social influence will build in no time.  This is an equation for blogger success and reaching Blogging Boss status.

Are you in?  Comment below and let me know if you try any of these techniques, what you are doing, and how they are going for you.

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